Thoughts from General Conference

Thoughts from General Conference

This month, we got to watch our church's General Conference.

I always enjoy listening to the messages that are shared there, but I especially enjoy the way that I can always take note of certain things that feel as if they were meant just for me.

Here are some of the things that stood out to me this time:

On the subject of marriage, Elder Scott talked about expressing gratitude for what your spouse does & shared some really cute stories of cute love notes and messages that he & his wife left for each other. There were some really creative, cute ideas that he shared! If you want to hear them, you can watch his talk here.

On the subject of parenting, I found it interesting that Elder Christofferson mentioned that parents can and must correct their chidlren- and if a person is in a position to correct and fails to do so, he is thinking of himself.

Elder Robbins' whole talk focussed on how we can help our children to develop Christlike attributes. I really liked this one- he focussed on the differences between "do"ing and "be"ing.

Perhaps the most poignant thing that I took from this Conference that I want to act on right away came while listening to the prophet, President Monson's talk. Talia was very excited to be able to see and listen to the prophet. In his talk he mentioned Easter and Talia turned to Ken & I with shining eyes and said, "I thought he would jsut talk about church things, but he talked about Easter!".... ouch. Let me just say that we had focussed on trying to teach the real Easter story in past years, and thought we were doing alright! I'll be posting on this subject in more detail in the future. ;)

Did you listen to conference?
What were some of the helpful things that you took away from it?


  1. Elder Scott, Christofferson, and Robbins' talks were all ones that I particularly enjoyed as well. And I always love Elder Uchtdorf's talks. :)

  2. Stop by my blog:
    I awarded you the stylish blogger award :)

    ~ Nikki

  3. Did I listen? Yes. Did I hear? Ummm, over the rowdy kids and dishwasher going and thinking about feeding guests? Not so much :( I always have a lot of catch-up to do after conference! I wish we could just go to the church to watch.

  4. @Alyssa, I liked Elder Uchdorf's comment about people texting that he hadn't used an aviation analogy yet. :)

    @Tami, I know just what you mean! This was the first one in a while that I got as much out of as I did, the first time through. It helped that we managed to have nap time during Conference a couple of times so that Ken & I could just listen with no interruptions :)


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