DIY Apple Juice

DIY Apple Juice

Last week I shared a tutorial on how to make your own apple sauce.
This week I wanted to tell you that we were even busier than you thought the day that we made apple sauce, cuz we made apple juice, too. (I should've taken a photo of all of the apples we bought- we were like a little apple factory over here!)

First we put water in the bottom of this contraption:

...and apples in the top. It heated up and the juice started coming out of that opening.

The girls were excited to watch while Ken let the juice escape into the jars. (We canned the juice)... don't mind everyone's PJs... we didn't bother to get ready before we got to work ;)

Here is our apple sauce & apple juice harvest.

It sure was nice to have those tools on hand (thanks to Ken's mom), and fun to learn how to make those things and to share it with the girls! Plus now we have some yummy homemade treats canned & waiting for us later- it always tastes better when you helped make it, right? :)

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