Making Apple Crisp

Making Apple Crisp

Remember the Apple Sauce post and the Apple Juice post?
Yeah, we made apple crisp, too. ;)

Bought these little containers for freezing at a dollar store, added baking directions & stashed in the freezer. I'm thinking these will be very handy when we need a dessert or something to contribute & find ourselves short on time!

Nice to know there's always dessert on hand ;)

And you can see in that last photo our final harvest of all things apple from our apple day!

What's your favourite thing to make with apples?
Got a good recipe?


I want to take a moment to welcome Barnwood4U back for another month of sponsorship this month and let you know that not only are they sellers of awesome vintage wood furniture & home decor items, but they're also selling jewellery now!

Isn't this set pretty? I like the earrings (plus I'm a sucker for amethyst & purple- my birthstone & favourite colour. :)

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  1. I'm excited to check out your site as well! :) this was my first stop


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