2012 Summer Olympics!

2012 Summer Olympics!

Have you been watching the Olympics with your kids?

The girls & I watched the Women's Artistic Gymnastics, and some of the Trampoline.
We were so excited when Rosie MacLennan won a gold for Canada for Trampoline!

It has been fun to talk to the girls about different sports and about what the Olympics is.
For the opening ceremonies, we made some Olympic muffins
(thanks to Mirabelle Creations for the printable cupcake toppers!)

We also made Canadian flags. :) I just cut out some paper from a roll of craft paper and marked the edges with pencil. The girls painted the ends red, then we painted their hands to make the "maple leafs" in the middle (always a big hit when you get to use your body as a stamp!). After washing hands, they added the finishing touch of a stem. :)

We wore our Canadian "Olympic Cheer Gear" shirts that we got for free, through some cereal boxes (you can still get them! Lucky Charms, Cheerios, etc.) You can also get flip flops from snack boxes- Talia loves hers! :)

Then we headed over to Ken's parents' house and had an Olympic Opening Ceremonies party! It was a lot of fun, food, family, entertainment, and education! :) We cheered extra loud for Canada, the U.S., the Netherlands, and Mexico! (We're Canadian, we have lots of U.S. family, my dad's family comes from Holland, & Ken served his mission in Mexico).

How have you been enjoying the Olympics at your house?


  1. My daughter and I have loved enjoying the Olympics this year. We both watch as much as possible. I honestly think it has peaked her interest in qymnastics (which is a good thing) All I see now is her flipping around the house. Love it!

    Following you from the blog hop. Hope your can stop by and follow back.

    Julie from Stlavolady - a cat, a girl, a man and me!


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