A Trip to the Fire Station

A Trip to the Fire Station

My brother-in-law is a volunteer fire fighter. The girls were so excited that they got to go with Uncle Russ & Auntie Amber to the fire station and get the full tour!

If you have an opportunity to do this in your community, go do it!

They got little hats, and got to sit in the fire truck. Talia even got to turn the siren on!

They also got to try on Uncle Russ' gear- Talia was swimming in that jacket and can now tell you how heavy the real hat really is! :)

Talia was thrilled when she actually got to use the hose! Katrina was a bit shy, so she sat with Auntie Amber and "cousin" Tug, to watch. ;)

Talia also found out what it's like to wear a tank and mask- I love how happy she is with that mask on! :)

What a fun, unforgettable experience!
Thanks so much Amber & Russ, for making some special memories with us!

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  1. I absolutely llloooovvveeeeee!!!!!! this idea. That`s what I`m doing for my nephew for his birthday.


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