The Lorax Movie Party

The Lorax Movie Party

When The Lorax movie came out, we went right out & bought it- we saw it in theatres & thought it was great! :)

As soon as we could, we invited some friends over for a Lorax watching party! :)

I loved this idea for Truffula tree cupcakes!
(please note: If you try to make these, save the cotton candy until RIGHT BEFORE you serve them. I thought I had waited long enough, but it still shrivelled up before they were in my guests' hands!)

And I picked up some "Barbaloot Bears" and "Humming Fish" treats :)

We combined this idea with a printable I found online (but can't find anymore- my pin is broken now!) to make these cute Lorax straws :)
(I decided to punch a hole in the mustaches to put them on the straws- that was the best method of attachment I tried)

It was a fun night!

Have any of you tried making any Lorax-inspired treats?
Share them in the comments, if you have! :)
It was so fun searching online for ideas.


  1. so darn cute!!!
    i just watched the lorax with my little this last week-end,it was really fun.

  2. The Lorax is one of our favorite movies. I will be doing these for sure! Thanks for linking up!

  3. These are seriously adorable ideas! We are big fans of The Lorax and Dr. Seuss.

    Great post!


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