Thursday Thoughts: Life Rocks!

Thursday Thoughts: Life Rocks!

I've been reading John Bytheway's new book, "Life Rocks! How Firm Is Your Foundation?", published by Deseret Book. It's a cute, pocket-sized book aimed at teenagers (but, as with all of John's work, it's great for adults, too!).

Life Rock #3 is about standards, and one of my favourite parts is when he talks about the "If Everybody" test. He talks about asking yourself, if everybody believed the thing(s) you do, would the world be a better place? Just think about some of your beliefs or standards. Sometimes the standards that youth (and everyone else) are given in our religion seem difficult, but (for example) if you ask yourself, "What if everyone lived the law of Chastity?", you can see pretty easily why that rule/standard is important, and you can see the good consequences that come from living that way.

I found this video with John explaining a little bit about this book.
If you're interested in the book, you'd probably like to take a look!

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