Henry James (A Birth Story)

Henry James (A Birth Story)

On Friday night I got to do something amazing! I witnessed the birth of a friend's baby.
Today I'll share a glimpse into the birth story of Henry James, from my perspective.

Laura gave me the warning call- that she thought tonight might be the night- at 3:30 in the afternoon. Kyle called me not long before 7pm to let me know that it looked like the birth would be happening "now", and that it would be at home (not at the hospital as planned). I got in my car immediately and was surprised to arrive before the midwives!

Laura laboured at home, by herself and with Kyle for almost her whole labour, and the midwives arrived just after I did- and just before the baby!

Kyle was so sweet, telling Laura how good she was doing, being there for her in whatever way he could.

Laura was amazing. I remember the pain of a natural childbirth! She would endure those contractions, and then her face would relax into a focussed calm while she waited for the next.

The first midwife arrived, quickly texted the other midwife, and then got right to work checking the baby's heart beat, etc.

Kyle broke the news to family by holding the phone up to little Henry to let them hear him! I could hear the joyful reaction through the phone from where I stood :)

While the midwives and I gave the new family of 3 a little time to themselves, I took some photos of Henry's bedroom which had been lovingly prepared- everything carefully laid out and ready for him.

I thought the quote with this picture was very appropriate: "Love Begins at Home".

One midwife said goodbye and the other weighed and measured the baby.

Henry James
Born at 7:30 p.m
January 11, 2013
7 lbs 13 oz
21 inches long

Kyle and Laura, thank you for allowing me to be there to document such a special event in your lives!
Henry is adorable and I'm so happy for you all!


  1. Those are so nice! What a special time, and I'm impressed with so many great pictures in such a short amount of time. Well done, and congrats to Laura and Kyle!

  2. PRECIOUS!!! He is just a doll. Way to go Momma!!! We are having another baby in June (baby #5!) and are currently with midwives at a birth center, where I had my last baby. But highly considering home birth and will make a final decision this week on that!

    1. We don't have birth centers around here- that sounds like a pretty nice option! Good luck with your decision! :)

  3. These are great! Tasteful, full of emotion, and really capture the moment for this new little family! And that baby! CUTE!!!!
    Well Done Heather! And WELL DONE LAURA & KYLE!! :)

  4. awesome job everyone!! Henry looks so sweet

  5. Oh my goodness, what can I say, other than I am speechless! What an absolutely gorgeous baby, the pictures are incredible, you can just feel the love in the pictures of this "new little family". You have captured one of lifes greatest blessings - the pure love of welcoming another new little spirit to such a deserving family. Well Done! Now, can I share these with other family members who would love them as much as we do??? Love to all.

    Bella and Poppa

    1. Oh, thank you, I'm so glad you like them! :)
      You're welcome to link to this to share with others. :)

  6. Awesome pictures heather! How nice to be able to witness a birth and I admire women who do it all without drugs! Congrats to mommy and daddy, he's perfect!


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