Thursday Thoughts: Something Worth Blogging About

Thursday Thoughts: Something Worth Blogging About

I woke up sick on Sunday.

The girls joined me in my room- Katrina's cough in her chest, Talia all sniffles.
We stayed home.

We laid in my bed & watched Matt & Mandy and some others on the laptop, to make up for missed church.
An hour later, they transformed into Disney princesses, busy with their imaginations while I tried to stay awake- drifting.

Ken came home from church, lunch was had, and then naps for all.
But after my drifting I wasn't tired, so I spent some time on the couch with my laptop, lazily surfing, with thoughts in my head about a new year of blogging.

I had already come to clear conclusions about resolutions for the priorities in my life- the ones that rank higher than blogging. I had blogging on the brain, knowing that I can't keep posting "top 20" and "top 8" posts and other lists from last year much longer ;) I needed a plan. I needed resolution.

So, I spent time thinking, reading, writing.

I thought about last year's plan and how it has helped me grow as a blogger.
I thought about doing something similar but different.
But it didn't feel right.

In the end, what feels right is not to set a schedule or a list of promises.

I think this year I need to give myself a little more freedom.
Freedom to stop rushing.
Freedom to do what feels right to me.

For 2013, at least for now, what feels right is to make one promise:
I promise not to post here unless I have something worth sharing.

I don't know how often that will be, but I hope it won't be seldom.
I will still share fun products and brands with you when given the opportunity.
I will still have Sharing Time on the weekends.
I will still post tutorials of fun projects that we've tried.
I will still share my photography.

Mostly, I hope this plan will give me the freedom to blog the way that I want to, every time. I hope that every post will feel worthwhile (at least to me), even if that means less frequent posting.

Now, on with 2013!
I am resolved.
Carry on. ;)


  1. My kids have been sick this week too. No fun! I'm new to blogging & don't have a lot of structure. I enjoy the freedom but it doesn't seem to help my blog grow very quickly... :/ I guess I just need to have more patience, but it's hard when we could use the extra income. I would love to use Thursday Thoughts over at my blog if you don't mind me copying that idea. I'm sure my thoughts won't be nearly as exciting to read, but I think it will help me do better at journaling. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    - Marissa @

  2. wow its hard. you get addicted as a blogger...
    but hey, we don't live to blog!
    we live the lives we want to live.
    and okay, love to blog about out.
    not all of the time...


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