Tutorial Tuesday: Love Letter Books

Tutorial Tuesday: Love Letter Books

This gift idea was originally shared by me over at Or So She Says, in 2010! I realized I had never shared it here and thought it would be a good one as we approach Valentine's Day :)

This is a gift idea for significant others.

For whatever reason, I find it incredibly challenging to come up with a good gift for my husband. I know I'm not alone in this, so here I am to share one idea that I came up with that has been great for me- and it's a gift that keeps on giving! (sweet!)

You can get as creative as you wish with this. It can be strictly a love letter book (which is how I've done mine) or it can be scrapbookish.

Here's what you do:

1. Search the stores for the most masculine journal/notebook you can find
(I found this small brown leather book with a lot of pages).

2. Write your first love note. It can be the same sort of note you might write in a card or something a little more lengthy.

3. Give him the book as a gift, and explain that the pages will be filled (by you) over time.

4. Every time you notice something great that you love about your husband, get out the book and write a dated note to him. Don't tell him when you've written them. Just let him find them next time he looks in the book.

5. Next time there's a special occasion, instead of buying him a card, just get out the book and write in that instead. If there are past notes in there that he hasn't seen yet, he'll see them when he re-receives the book for that occasion.

Bonus: No more cards from random occasions to stash in a shoebox somewhere or add more clutter to your home. All of your meaningful notes will be contained in one small and accessible place- yay!

I've also started something like this for each of my daughters. They look way more girly and include monthly letters for the first year of their life and then random letters after that, whenever I find time or feel inspired. They also include notes about the hilarious things they say and do.


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  1. This is a lovely idea! I started something like this for my husband years and years ago, but stopped putting things in it a long time ago. I may have to resurrect it or start fresh.

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  3. That's a brilliant idea! I've already bought one and started it for my husband's Valentine's day present this year. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I did something similar to this when my husband was deployed last year. I kept a journal to him starting even before he left. I sent it to him about a month before he came home to get him ready for family life again and to help get through those last agonizing days overseas. :-) He loved it and it was so cathartic for me.

  5. I like this idea a lot! It's always difficult for me to figure out what to give my husband, too. Do the husbands enjoy these as much as the wives enjoy writing them?

  6. What a great idea! Pinned for future reference.

  7. Oh, I absolutely love this idea! This would be perfect because my husband isn't the type to hang onto greeting cards, and it drives me batty to see him throw away something that I wrote my feelings in! This way, he wouldn't be able to toss out my mushy notes! Lol


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