Written On Our Hearts

Written On Our Hearts

When I was 20 and away at University in Idaho, I decided one day that it was about time I read the Bible. I set out to read it from cover to cover because I had never read it that way before. It took a LOOONG time! There are many parts of the Old Testament that are difficult to read and understand! At times I was reading just to say I had read it, because I wasn't getting a lot out of what I was reading.

Having had that experience, I was excited to read Emily Freeman's new book, Written On Our Hearts, published by Deseret Book.

This is a really neat book and it's totally tackle-able! The book is separated by different parts of the Old Testament and within each section, there are small 2-3 page "chapters" that share Emily's thoughts about a part of the Old Testament. Each section has a question or invitation with it.

I love this because you can just focus on one little section at a time and ask yourself the question or try to apply it in your life. I think reading the whole Bible through is a great thing to do (and by the way, I never actually finished! So sad to have to admit that- and the bookmark fell out of my scriptures one day and I couldn't remember where I had left off, so I gave up.) One day I'll have to revisit that goal, but for now, I am happy to be able to approach it in little "bite-sized" pieces. :)

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book for review purposes.

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