Monday Moments: The 7 Easy Steps to Be Happy

Monday Moments: The 7 Easy Steps to Be Happy

Katrina was sad because we had planned to have a babysitter come over one night but had to cancel because she was a bit under the weather. Ken was going to be the "babysitter" instead, so he offered to take the girls to the dollar store to pick out something fun to make/do and borrow a movie from Walmart.

Talia got all excited and tried to get Katrina excited by explaining the following:

The 7 Easy Steps to Be Happy
by Talia

1. Get your shoes on & your coat on
2. Put a smile on your face
3. Get in the car
4. Get your seatbelt buckled
5. Go to the store
6. Look
7. Get something!

I think this is a pretty good 7 step program for some of us ;) haha

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