Giant Bubbles!

Giant Bubbles!

One of our favourite activities of the summer was to make Giant Bubbles!

Big Bubble Wands

We made these with instructions and a recipe that we found here. If you don't have the secret ingredient, you can buy glycerin from a craft store or a baking store/section and you can use that instead.

Homemade Big Bubbles Wand

We made the solution and the bubble "wands" one morning and went over to play in our cousins' backyard. The bubbles were huge! It took some work to get the bubbles to "close" so that they would float away, off of the wand. Most of them stayed on the wand until they popped, but that was still really fun!

Later we used some of our leftover solution to make bubbles at our house, in our front yard. Before much time had passed we had a bunch of neighbourhood kids joining us! It was a great activity and fun for kids & adults alike! :)

Note: We tried this another year with a different solution recipe that involved corn syrup. That solution worked too, but I liked this one better because it wasn't so sticky!

Tip: To get the bubble to "close", try gently bringing your sticks together so that the triangle shape of your rope/string closes. 

Makeshift Giant Bubble Wand: We didn't have all of the materials suggested in the post I referred you to, but we were able to make it work with some paint stir sticks!

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  1. Oh, I love this!! How fun. What a great summer activity. I did this once when my kids were little--my mom had the recipe. I, however, don't have one! Pinning! :)


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