Eye Found It! Free Printable Christmas Game

Eye Found It! Free Printable Christmas Game

Today I have a cute free printable Christmas game for you called "Eye Found It". This is another fabulous printable that was created for the #LightTheWorld Service Initiative (encouraging people to find 25 ways to serve in 25 days). This one was created by Sam from thekiwiintheclouds.com.

This would be a great gift for a child to give to another child, or for anyone to give to a person who they would like to spend some quality time with.  It's so simple to make- just print and cut out!

Instructions for how to play the game are included in the printable!

You can download this free printable kit here.

Access other free Christmas printables from the #LighttheWorld campaign here.

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  1. Ooh, my daughter would love this! I can't wait to print it out for her. She'll even love the act of cutting out the pieces!

  2. This would make such a cute stocking stuffer or just a fun game to play anytime!! My kids both love the original "Spot It" game and I know that they would love this too! Maybe even something that their elves could leave for them! ;-)

    1. Yes it would- that's a good idea! So fun that you do elves :)

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