Day 8: Citrus Pear Frozen Meals Gift Card Giveaway!

Day 8: Citrus Pear Frozen Meals Gift Card Giveaway!

This post is sponsored by Citrus Pear.

Today we're giving away a $50 Gift Code to Citrus Pear!

If you missed the announcement, it's Gift Guide Giveaway time and today is Day 8!
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Who wouldn't love a gift that makes their life easier? Citrus Pear provides classes for preparing healthy freezer meals that can be made in your crock pot or pressure cooker. I attended a class recently and am about to share all the details with you!

The Problem With Freezer Meal Marathons

When I first heard about the idea of making a whole bunch of frozen crock pot meals at once, it sounded like a great idea! It seemed to solve all of the frustrating problems with meal prep.!  You do all the work in one day and then you have a ton of meals, ready to go, and you can sit back and relax for weeks afterward- awesome!

BUT there were some problems with this approach that held me back from ever actually going through with it.  My friends, Citrus Pear has solved them ALL!!

The Citrus Pear Experience

You show up to the class with a cooler and everything else you need is waiting for you: measuring cups & spoons, can openers, knives, cutting boards, towels, apron... they even provide a big fountain drink so you can stay happy and hydrated while you work!

Wins So Far:

  • You won't have leftovers of random ingredients that you won't use when you're finished
  • You don't have to do any of the prep. work for the task!

All of the food has been gathered and is ready to go. It looks so fresh and healthy and delicious displayed on the table, and you're already feeling good about being at the class! Your work station is set up beside a friend (or a friend you're about to meet), with a trash can and your cooler beneath the table.

More Wins:

  • You don't have to go shopping to find and buy the ingredients!
  • You'll get all the work done during a fun class with other people

There is a white board set up to help you with some of the more common ingredients. For each recipe, they fill in the name of the recipe and the measurements for onion, salt, & pepper so you can go ahead and add those while the class leaders bring you the other ingredients to add or work with.

Your tasks are to open cans with your can opener and add the contents to your freezer bags, to peel and chop vegetables, and to scoop ingredients out of bowls that you'll pass around to your classmates. Meanwhile, your class leaders will come around on the other side of your table, adding spices to your bags and helping  you out if you get a bit behind.


  • Classes are super organized & prepared
  • Class leaders help you to add ingredients so it takes less time than it would if you were doing it at home

Oh, I haven't mentioned my 2 favourite parts: These handy little freezer bag stands that make life so much easier, and the fact that at the start of each meal, they bring you a new freezer bag with the raw meat already inside. How many of you are like me and hate the part of meal prep that involves touching raw meat?

When you've finished making your meals, you take them home in your cooler and you leave the mess behind!

Final Wins:

  • You don't have to touch raw meat!
  • They have tools that make the task easier
  • You don't have to clean up the mess
  • Pricing is very affordable

Now that you know how awesome Citrus Pear is, you're going to be with me in wishing that they had more locations because at the time of writing this, you can only take part if you live in Utah or Idaho. If you're lucky enough to live near one of their class locations, you can enter today's giveaway for a $50 Gfit Card to use on one of their classes!

If you're interested in adding a Citrus Pear to one of your gift wish lists....

Find out More about Citrus Pear HERE

Win a $50 Gift Card for Citrus Pear Here:

To enter, just do one or more of the tasks in the form below! (Giveaway open only in the USA, winner must be able to attend a class in Idaho or Utah. You can find a list of their locations at the bottom, right of their website.)

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Citrus Pear.

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  1. We love soup, almost any kind. This time of year it is squash or ham and pea.

  2. This was a such a fun class and so great to meet you! We cooked our beef stroganaff last night and it was delicious. I just did another class with the vegetarian meals. Citrus Pear is awesome!

    1. Soni, hi! :) I'm glad you found your way here! Yes, we did one of the meals a couple of nights ago & it was really good! I would love to do another class someday! :)

  3. This is a new company to me. Thanks for sharing.

  4. We like to grill vegetable kabobs. Yum!

  5. My favorite meal to make is Spaghetti because everyone likes it.

  6. I am signed up for my second round of Citrus Pear next week! I hope I win!!!

  7. We love to make cauliflower crust pizza.

  8. Great post, thanks!

  9. I love making a shrimp and snap pea stir fry with quinoa!

  10. I love making sweet & sour meatballs

  11. Whenever I make meatballs and spaghetti with spaghetti squash served with garlic bread, everyone is happy!

  12. I enjoy making chili and cornbread for my family. I love to make soup.

  13. I’ve always wanted to do this!

  14. My favorite meal to make is cheesy chicken and rice with green beans!


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