Baby Mollie Rose (Newborn Photography)

Baby Mollie Rose (Newborn Photography)

If you go way back to the earliest posts of this blog, you'll see that it started as a photography blog- even before I had the idea to create "Raising Memories". I don't regularly work as a photographer now, but every now & then something special happens in my family and I get the chance to practice photography again by doing a little session. That opportunity came up when sweet little Mollie Rose was born and I was happy to be able to take some photos of her, when she was just 17 days day old.

We weren't able to get together any sooner than that because her mom & dad live several hours' drive from where we live now, but when we had the opportunity to meet in the middle, at Ken's parents' house, we jumped on it!

I sometimes dream of having a studio and a partner with a focus on newborn photography. I would love to get more into it and specialize in that area. I don't know if that's something I'll ever do, but it sounds lovely to me. For now, I just work with what we have- in this case, some window light and a few blankets, pillows, and accessories.

My favourite thing about this photo is the way that it features her soft hair! Babies change so quickly that it's good to capture little features like that because they can change so much faster than you expect and it's so fun to look back on each of their stages.

This next photo wasn't posed. It was just a quick snap in the midst of the work behind the photo shoot. Emily was comforting Mollie, keeping her warm and calm before our next photo.

Another float-y hair photo. :) 

This next one is one of my favourites even if it's not on your typical newborn shot list. I look at Mollie's little look of concern (probably wondering what on earth we were doing with her), and the way she looks up into her parents' faces and I think of how she'll look to them as she grows through life, for guidance and reassurance in the many other concerning moments that will come to her- and her parents are right there with her, with their arms outstretched, ready to help & comfort her.

Thanks for having me capture these moments for you, Stan & Emily! We all love Mollie and can't wait to watch her grow up!

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  1. {swoon} That smile picture though ... be still my heart.

  2. How lovely. These are beautiful photos of truly special moments.

  3. Ah, these photos turned out great! What great memories for the parents. You are so good at photographing newborns!

  4. Such a beautiful babe! Those parents will cherish them forever

  5. Those photos are sooooo precious!!


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