8 Ideas for Summer Fun At Home With Kids

8 Ideas for Summer Fun At Home With Kids

It's summer, school's out and suddenly all of your kids are home way more than usual and you find yourself looking for ways to keep them happy without setting them in front of a screen!

Today I'm sharing 8 fun activities you can do with your kids. Some of these are my own, and some are links that have been shared in my link party that I would love to try with my kids! I hope they give you some inspiration or items to add to your family's summer activity bucket list!

We pulled out our ice cream maker this weekend and made some Rocky Road ice cream. If you've ever made homemade ice cream you know that it tastes way better than the store bought kind! I know my kids would love this fun idea from Gluesticks Blog for making Bubble Gum Ice Cream!

One of my more popular summer fun tutorial posts is this DIY Sidewalk Paint Tutorial! It's like two activities in one because your kids will love helping you to make it, and then they'll stay occupied for a long time, creating art outside!

Recently my mother-in-law has gotten into paint pouring. She got Katrina involved during our last visit and she had a blast while creating some beautiful artwork! This Candle Paint Marbling activity from The Country Chic Cottage creates a similar effect and would be a great opportunity for kids to make a gift for someone or add to your home decor in a creative way!

If you're trying to find a way to get your kids to snack on something healthy rather than running for the junkfood, a great way to convince them is to make food look fun! This simple marshmallow, apples & peanut butter smile snack has been a big hit with my kids!

...and back to the treats! My kids love creating in the kitchen and they adore roasting marshmallows and making S'mores, so I'm pretty sure they'd love this No Cook S'mores idea from Live Love Texas!

If you'd like to teach your kids a new skill, here's a very simple sewing tutorial that allows them to create a fun game for themselves to play when they're finished!  DIY Tic Tac Toe Game

Another fun, healthy snack idea: we love to make smoothies at our house, but if you've got kids who aren't convinced by the healthy drink, try pouring them into molds to make smoothie popsicles! Use your favourite smoothie recipe or head over to the Blendtec website to try our Berry Banana Smoothie Popsicle recipe.

How cool is this project from Gluesticks Blog?! What little girl wouldn't love to make their own lip gloss from crayons?! (and probably a lot of little boys too)

I'd love to share some of your fun ideas in my next roundup post! Please share your greatest idea blog posts in my Sharing Time Link Party!

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  1. Oooooh those no cook smores look divine! My kiddos would be all over that. My kids also love making their own chalk 'paint'! . didn't know it was a thing!

  2. Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.


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