Las Vegas, Nevada (Moving Road Trip)

Las Vegas, Nevada (Moving Road Trip)

Back in Utah when we booked our hotel for two nights in Las Vegas, we chose Circus Circus because we found a great deal and because it included a water park! We didn't tell the girls where we were staying for this stop because we wanted to surprise them. Although we stayed in an older room that didn't have anything special about it, we were positioned just across the street from the waterpark which served our purposes just fine!

Visiting Las Vegas Nevada with Kids

Here are a few of our must-see stops in Vegas when you're traveling with kids and need some ideas of things to do in Vegas besides gamble! 

While in Vegas, our goals were to show the girls the awesomeness of the Las Vegas strip (while doing our best to shield them from the less-than-awesomeness of it), and to enjoy some fun time at our family-fun-focused hotel. So we wandered the strip during the day, took a break at our hotel water park, and returned to the strip in the evenings.

Highlights of Vegas with Kids

We made sure to visit the hotels that we remembered as most impressive and memorable:

  • The Bellagio (for the outdoor fountain show & the floral displays inside)
  • Paris (because you feel like you're under the Eiffel tower & you get to "walk the streets of Paris")
  • The Venetian (I love the ceilings that look like sky, and the gondolas!! the bridges!! The gelato!!
  • The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace (we beelined it for the Fall of Atlantis fountain show) 

Amongst those favourites, we also got to experience the fun of Circus Circus! They had circus performances every half hour that were free. Catching these shows was definitely one of Katrina's favourite things to do!

We cut back on food costs by driving away from the strip in the morning to have lunch at IKEA. haha It was fun and it made us feel free to splurge a little on treats later on.

Map of Cheap Things to do in Las Vegas with Kids

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I'm so glad we got to make this stop with our kids!

Have you been to Las Vegas with your kids?

What are some of your must-see spots?

I'd love to know if there are some that we missed so I can keep them in mind if there's a next time!

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  1. This looks like such a blast! Now I"m thinking we should take our kids! Love the water fountain an how fun would that waterslide be? Did you guys do it?

  2. Now I totally want to take my kids with me the next time we go. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips!

  3. We went to Vegas a couple years ago as my daughter lived there. The hotels there are very cool to see.


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