Angel Hair for Kids (Take 2)

Angel Hair for Kids (Take 2)

If you've ever had a look at the buttons on the side of our blog, you may have noticed our Angel Hair for Kids button...

And if you haven't been reading my blog for 2 years, you might be interested in a trip down our memory lane, to see what happened 2 years ago this March when Talia cut her own hair and I wrote about how we ended up donating what was left of it to Angel Hair for Kids.

Funny things, these blessings in disguise... just 20 months later and we were back at the same hair salon, with the same hair dresser, donating 10 inches of Talia's hair for a little girl somewhere who needs it. Talia was happy to do it, ready for less tangles and a change. She spoke excitedly about how her hair would be made into a wig for a sick little girl who lost her own. I am proud of Talia for doing this, and touched because of the meaning this has for me, having watched my little sister go through Cancer, chemotherapy, and consequently, hairloss.

Here's Talia throughout the process this time around.

...and a before/after view

...what a change!

Last year, my mom was with us when we went to get Talia's hair cut, so we got a shot of me with her- crazy to think how long ago that was- will someone please slow time down?!


  1. Awesome! And she looks adorable! So very important to teach your little ones to 'give' to others. Especially this time of year.

  2. what a wonderful thing for a child to do for another! And she is super cute with a short bob!!!

  3. your baby girl is a doll. so precious. and what a sweet thing to do!

  4. I love her haircut! Hair CUTE! Tell her we think she looks gorgeous!

  5. How generous! You must be so proud! The new haircuts look fabulous. So sassy.

  6. how fun! She looked adorable in both styles!!

  7. Thank you everyone, for your kind comments on this post! :)


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