Homemade Christmas Advent Calendar (Make With Kids!)

Homemade Christmas Advent Calendar (Make With Kids!)

We have a tradition to make our own advent calendar every year. We do the same type of thing each year, but they're always a little different.

Here's what we did this year:

What You'll Need:

- plastic shot glasses (find at dollar store)
- tissue paper
- stamps for dates/numbers (or write them on)
- glue gun
- cardboard (save an old cereal box :)
- paint
- candy

First the girls painted a piece of cardboard:

Then I hot-glued the cups to the cardboard in the shape of a Christmas tree. Next the girls helped me to fill the cups with candy (left over from Halloween)

While the girls were busy, I squeezed white glue around the edge of each cup.

Then placed a circle of tissue paper on top (when you trace these, turn your cup upside down, and be sure to cut the circle out leaving it a little bigger than you traced). I stamped the dates on this year (in the past I've stamped numbers 1-24, but this year we started late, and went to New Years ;)

Next, bend the edges of the tissue paper over the edge of the cup & press.

Now you have a fun advent calendar, ready to go! Each day, let your kids poke their finger through the tissue paper to get the treat inside!


  1. A classic! I love it! Anything you can punch through is good in my books.

  2. What a wonderful idea, I forwarded to my daughter. I know she has candies left overs.


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