Monday Moments (Quiet Sneezes) ...and a Kindle Fire Giveaway!

Monday Moments (Quiet Sneezes) ...and a Kindle Fire Giveaway!

Katrina, on that feeling you get that says you're gonna sneeze... and then it goes away without a sneeze:

"Wowser, I got a sneeze in my nose!"
"Just a quiet sneeze, Mom, just a quiet one."


I want to give a warm welcome to Opus2 Music, our newest sponsor! Julie Gaisford Keyes (on the harp) and Steven Lucera Alder (on the flute) have created a beautiful new CD of lullabies called All Through the Night that is now available to order for Christmas, through Deseret Book.

To increase awareness of this, they are giving away a Kindle Fire on December 20th! Just go to their facebook page- it takes one click to enter!

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