First Day of School

First Day of School

She's gone!

Will she be excited when she gets to school? Will Talia stick with her as long as possible and show her where to go? Will she be nervous or scared or too shy to talk? Will she remember to give her teacher the papers I signed? Will she tell the teacher when she needs to use the potty? Will she be able to open her apple sauce? Will she ask the lunch helper if she needs help? Will her shoe fall off again during recess like it did when she ran to the bus this morning? Will she pay attention and know what she's supposed to do? Will she have fun? Will she come home with a big smile on her face?

These thoughts are running through my mind on a loop, but deep down, I think I feel okay. It helps that she got on the bus holding her big sister's hand and that they sat together (waving, blowing kisses, and signing "I love you" to me). I know Talia will take care of her, and I know her kindergarten teacher is good. Even if she is too shy today for some things, I think she'll be just fine after a few days of getting used to it all. *sigh*

I can't wait to see them get off the bus this afternoon!

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  1. Heather that made me cry. I remember those exact feelings. She is a lovely little girl. Enjoy this exciting time.

  2. Hey, I felt the same way but I was sending off a 12 year old off to "real" school first time and he had no siblings to guide him. But he seems to be doing okay and enjoying school other than the fact he was complaining that they really haven't done any work yet.

    Everything will work out all right you'll see.


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