Life Around Here Lately

Life Around Here Lately

Ever since school started, we've had sick people around here. It all started around the day before school started. Talia was up in the night & we were pretty sure she would miss the first day, and I was sad about it (I know that first day is important). Turned out she was doing okay in the morning, so she made it for her first day (but was home, sick on the 2nd day of school).

Talia's all better now, but Ken's been sick with a cold for nearing 2 weeks now. Then on Saturday, Katrina wasn't her usual energetic self, and she threw up! Poor girl was tired all day and didn't feel like eating. Sunday we all stayed home from church & tried to get better- Katrina still not quite well, Ken with his cold, and I had a headache all. day. long. (longest headache I remember having, ever!)

sick, sleeping munchkin

Katrina made it to school on Monday, but yesterday she started showing signs of a cold of some kind, and today she's home again, coughing and talking like a little man! I'm really hoping that I'll manage to get through this sick time without catching it myself- so far so good, but I'm nervous! Can a mother really make it through untouched by germs?

I started writing about all of the sickness because Ken decided to make us all some stew on Sunday. While I was up in bed (trying not to move & cause more head pain), he was chopping carrots and potatoes, and getting everything into the crock pot. Then my awesome sister in law dropped by with soup & homemade rolls for us, because she had heard we were sick! We had soup & stew for the next couple of days and it was so nice!

After the weekend, every time I left the house and came back home again, I could smell something unusual when I came into the house. It wasn't pleasant, but I would get used to the smell quickly & I couldn't track down its origin. Today I decided to get to the bottom of it, and I determined the source to be our stove. I think the crock pot overflowed on Sunday and "stew juice" got under the elements and under the stove top. That would explain the burnt-ish potato smell that I was catching everytime I entered our house!

I got to work on the stove today & gave it a very thorough cleaning, but as a result, I am left with sore, achey fingers. I'm concerned about the cold weather because I've noticed signs of my finger problems since the temperature has been lower. I really don't want to have to deal with the pain in my hands again! Even after typing this up, my wrist is cramping, so I better wrap it up.

I haven't done a lot of posting on this blog about my daily life, unless I am making some kind of point. Today I just felt like unloading and needed a place to do it. So, now you know a bit about my life lately (fun, right? ;)

I would really like to get to know more of you who read this blog, a bit better. I'd love to have more dialog in the comments or on my facebook page. So please, if you've taken the time to read this whole post, won't you take a moment to share something from your life these days, in the comments? We try to ask the girls each day at dinner what their "high" was that day, and also their "low". So, what's been your high & low so far, this week? (come tell me in the comments, or on facebook!)

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  1. Hi Heather
    I'm from Minnesota and sick as well! Started as allergies and turned into a sinus infection. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to. I love your blog. I have two boys 8 years and 18 months old.

    1. Hi Gwen, thanks for taking a moment to comment! :)
      Allergies can be rough enough on their own, but for it to trun into a sinus infection- ugh! I hope you get better soon!
      Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog! I'm glad you're here :)

  2. So a couple things I thought of, first have you tried echinacea? Kyle and I swear by it (while not breastfeeding)whenever we feel a tickle like a cold might be coming on we take a couple and they boost your immune system. Prevention is always better then waiting till you are full on sick to take something.
    The second thing is that I have been having joint issues since getting pregnant with Henry (no where near as bad as yours, I am sure), anyways we read that baltic amber necklaces good for joint pain. So I bought one a few weeks back and so far so good, I am able to make fists and work with my hands without pain or discomfort.

    Anyways I am sure some will disagree with these things, but worth a mention.

    1. Hey Laura :)
      Yes to the echinacea- I often use it- I haven't yet though this time around, so I should- thanks for the reminder!
      I'm so sorry to hear about your joints! Where did you get your necklace?
      I'm glad you've found some relief!

    2. I got my necklace at Extraordinary Baby Shoppe in Waterloo, but I am sure most baby stores that sell teething ones would also have the adult ones.

  3. I also succumbed to a cold this week! Started with a super-sore throat, now it's just a stuffy nose. I'll take the stuffy nose over the sore throat any day!

    I would have brought you soup too. Maybe it's good I'm not there - that would be a lot of soup :)

    My day's highlight was cleaning out the front closet and getting everyone's shoes back in their closets. Dropped daddy off at the airport for a work trip too - blah!

    I would like to fix your hands for you. Wish I knew how :)

  4. My low is definitely how tired I've felt recently which is frustrating since the baby is basically sleeping through the night now. I just don't get it - I'm getting more sleep but am feeling more tired. :(

    But I have so many daily highs with seeing Griffin's little accomplishments and just his smiles even. And getting my house picked up on Tuesday was a high point as well. I feel so much better having things picked up,put away, and clean. (I can't claim that things are clean now, but it feels good when that's the case.) :)


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