How to Make Your Own School Name Labels

How to Make Your Own School Name Labels

If you're in a pinch and you don't have time to buy school name labels, or you just want to save the money and make them yourself, here's a very easy way to do it!  (I'll also share a link at the end to a discount from a great company to buy them from if you'd rather not make your own!)

Talia got a new set of markers for school and was very excited about it. I wanted to label them, but didn't have any marker-sized name labels on hand.

So, I did something that anyone with a printer, some paper, and some tape could do ;)

Easy School Name Labels by
Easy DIY School Name Labels

How to Make School Name Labels Yourself

I started by typing her name in a word processor and printing it to make sure my size estimation would fit on the marker. When that worked out, I copied & pasted her name a few more times than I had markers (I had a feeling I'd need extras) and printed.

DIY Name Labels with Tape and a Printer by


- Markers
- Scissors
- Scotch Tape
- Printer & Paper

Next, all you do is trim each name into a little strip and pick it up with a piece of tape like this:

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Then wrap the tape around your marker like so:

Make Your Own Marker Labels by

And repeat for each marker. So easy, so done!

Name Labels with What You Have at Home by

So far the labels are lasting well, and I have a feeling they'll stay on for a long time.
Even if they start to wear out though, it wouldn't be hard to re-do these.

[2 Years later, and they are still going strong!]

Name Labels Discount Code

If you're just not interested in doing it yourself, I recommend Mabel's Labels! We like to use them for a lot of our products and they last great, even through the wash! This is an affiliate link for Mabel's Labels. Try this link for free shipping.

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