Monday Moments (Homemade Butter Fail)

Monday Moments (Homemade Butter Fail)

During the summer we went to a pioneer village with Ken's brother & his family. They had set up a bunch of activities that you could try that pioneer children would have done.

Here are the girls trying out some stilts:

And playing Crokinole:

Our family in front of an old train:

During that trip, we had a discussion with one of the "pioneer ladies" about how to make your own butter. Ken & I decided it would be a good learning activity to try making butter with the girls, so we picked up some whipping cream & went to work!

We started out by pouring the whipping cream into one of those Tuppwerware Quickshake things:

The girls were excited about shaking! (for 2 or 3 minutes)

So, Ken got to work shaking & shaking until we got whipped cream!

Then he kept shaking & shaking & shaking... until it started to look a bit like butter!

But we thought we could do better, so he shook some more. Just when he was getting real tired of shaking, he sat down on the couch and shook some more. On his very last shake before taking a peek to see how it had turned out, this happened:

...And Ken & I stared at each other for a moment in disbelief until Talia said, "So I guess the butter's a fail?"

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  1. At least now you can say you gave it a shot. :D Great Post! :D I enjoy seeing your family work together. :D

    1. haha very true... and maybe one day we'll try again ;) But I think we'll try it with a canning jar and a lid that screws on & stays on! ;) Thanks Jen :)

  2. It looks like something. Did ya'll taste it? Looks like fun....the kids get bored so easily. lol. My daughter made butter last year at school and had a ball. I have always wanted to try making butter. Great post.

    1. Thanks Amy :)
      Yes, we tasted it (the part that didn't fly out of the cup) - it wasn't bad! :)

  3. Baaaa ha ha, I love this. Talia's face = awesome. Aren't you glad Ken was the shaker? :)


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