Missing My Sidekicks

Missing My Sidekicks

Do you know what I miss on days that both of my girls are at school?

It's weird because I think I'm going to miss the things that I kind of wanted a break from. I think I'm going to miss having a little sidekick with me when I go shopping. I might even miss doing up & undoing a car seat. This is really weird, because that is one of the things I like the least on a "normal" day.

My Sidekicks

I probably won't mind being able to hop out of the car & run into a store to do a quick errand without having to unbuckle someone and convince them to cooperate with my plan and then hurry back into their seat and re-buckle them.

What do you miss that you didn't expect to miss, when your kids went to school?
Or what do you think you will miss when the time comes for you?

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