Peanut Butter Balls & Baking Packaging

Peanut Butter Balls & Baking Packaging

I found this peanut butter balls recipe last week and made it with the girls. I didn't completely coat them with chocolate, but I think I would do it that way next time. (I would prefer more chocolate with my peanut butter- so I think Amanda did it best ;)

[photo from Amanda's blog, a few shortcuts]

That being said, I didn't finish making all of the balls, and I have a bowl of peanut butter dough in my fridge that I keep going back to for a taste. It is good stuff! ;)

I tried them out with some new packaging that I got from my sponsor, Wholeport.

I love that the bags come with a sticky closure edge (as shown in the photo above). You just pull off the piece of plastic covering the sticky part, bend it over & stick it on.

So cute!

(can you tell that the peanut butter balls were straight from the freezer- it's gettin' a little steamy in that bag ;)

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  1. YUM! I better not make those. :) haha But, I just might anyway.

    1. haha I know what you mean. I think the sickness in my household finally caught me & I'm getting a sore throat, so that's helping me to avoid sugar a bit better (not completely, but pretty well ;)


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