Bunny Bubbles

Bunny Bubbles

Here's an easy way to make Bunny Bubbles out of generic little wedding favour bubble containers!

We had bubbles at our wedding 6 years ago. We still have some of those bottles of bubbles today :) They come in very handy around here! You can get them at a dollar store too though, so no worries if you want to make these guys yourself ;)

Bunny Bubbles

The night before the Easter Bunny came, I got the idea to make bunny bubbles.

What You Need

1. Bubbles
2. Gluegun
3. pompom
4. googly eyes
5. marker
6. felt & scissors

How To Make Bunny Bubbles

1. Heat Gluegun
2. Cut Ears out of felt
3. Assemble
4. Voila! :)


  1. How fun! Sometimes I forget you can add bunny ears and a puffy tail to almost anything and make it cute!

    1. :) I know! And kids aren't picky about it looking "fabulous", either. :)


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