True Meaning of Easter

True Meaning of Easter

We don't expect the Easter Bunny to show up here until tomorrow, but this morning the girls had a little egg hunt designed by their parents. :) We hid plastic eggs that had paper pieces inside of them. (From an old issue of The Friend Magazine)

After all of the eggs were found, we put the papers in order & read the Easter Story. I was surprised how much Talia rememebered from the one other time this week that we talked about the story.

We had a few eggs left over, so we put goldfish crackers in one, cheerios in one, gummy bear vitamins in one, and coloured marshmallows in one. This video catches Katrina's reaction when she opened one of the eggs with treats in it- it was so cute! :)

After the hunt, Talia announced that there was just enough sugar! lol This girl is health conscious somehow! :) They really enjoyed this hunt even though most of the eggs only had paper in them, and the ones that had treats weren't too out of the ordinary. Just goes to show you that they really don't need all of the extra sugar that we tend to give them! (However, I think that only applies upto a certain age, because I certainly love getting good chocolate ;)

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  1. LOVE IT!! Aaron and I watched her reaction several times over! :) LOVE THOSE GIRLS!

  2. We've done a similar thing here and my kids keep doing it OVER and OVER and over again.

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    1. That's a great question, & I don't know the answer! My mom had given me a box of old Friend Magazines & I found it in them. I have since gotten rid of the magazines, so I'm not sure. I tried a search online & didn't find it, but you can find other versions of it. I bet you could find something that would work if you searched the Friend website:
      Sorry I'm not more help!


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