Now & Forever

Now & Forever

I spotted this framed "Now & Forever" when I was out, shopping with my mom last year & I loved it. My vision was to have it above our headboard in our room, but we put something else there (which I'll share in a future post). It ended up working as a part of our collag of photos that hang in our livng room & I love it there!

I cannot tell you in words, how much I love having this photo collage in our living room. It is a statement of what is most important in our lives. And I love having the "Now & Forever" as a part of it now. Just wanted to share!

Someday I want to share photos of my girls' rooms because they have been so fun to decorate, but I'm not making any promises as to when I'll get around to it! ;)


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~Heather Lynne

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