Finger Puppets (Feature Friday #4 - Cheryl A Smith)

Finger Puppets (Feature Friday #4 - Cheryl A Smith)

A friend of mine told me about some finger puppets she saw on etsy, here. They are absolutely adorable!

For Easter I wanted to make some finger puppets for my girls, and I have to admit that I totally attempted to copy Cheryl's cute puppets. Here's what I came up with:

The chick has googly eyes because I forgot to put the eyes on before I sewed the rest together ;) My embroidering skills leave something to be desired (as does the rest of my sewing, but I did my best for a newbie ;)

If you like finger puppets, check out Cheryl's shop- she's got a ton of cute ones there (and she's way more skilled and experienced than I am ;)

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  1. Aw it is really adorable!! My girls would love these:)

    Thanks so much for swinging by my blog - please stay in touch, ok?

    Have a lovely weekend!


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