Easy DIY Cardboard Box Car

Easy DIY Cardboard Box Car

I recently hosted a Scentsy party for Julia Fraley (you may notice her ad in the sidebar ;) and after distributing the box full of pretty warmers and scents from party orders, I had a fun idea...

One day while Talia was at school, Katrina & I got out a roll of coloured paper (thank you Aunt Rushy- those rolls of coloured paper are the gift that keeps on giving!) and got to work transforming the box into a toy car :)

I cut off the top flaps of the box with an exacto knife and used that cardboard to make wheels (traced a circle onto the cardboard with an upside down bowl).

We wrapped the box in the coloured paper just like a present and taped it down with packing tape. Then applied the wheels & we were good to go!

It was pretty simple to make, we spent some fun time together building it, and then there was lots of fun to be had with it afterward! And then again when Talia got home from school! :)

Isn't it true that sometimes the box that a toy comes in is more fun than the toy? ;)

What's the "funnest" thing you've ever made with a cardboard box?

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  1. Very nice, please link it up with me today at Wow Us Wednesday.


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