Leapfrog Summer Camp

Leapfrog Summer Camp

Thank you to LeapFrog for sponsoring my post about Leapfrog Summer Camp.
To sign up for LeapFrog Summer Camp, please click here. #CleverLFCamp #spon

So we've been doing Leapfrog's Summer Camp activities since they started this month (even though kids aren't even out of school yet around here! :) and I told you I'd be back to tell you about our experience, so here's what we've been up to!

Last week's theme was "Out & About" (you can go back & do last week's activities if you missed it) and our favourite activity was "I Shrunk the Room!" where we recreated the girls' room from a cardboard box! They played with it A LOT! (and I had fun figuring out ways to recreate things with them, too ;)

This week's theme is "Caring for Animals". So far we've had fun with a worksheet that talks about the needs of puppies (my girls would LOVE to have a puppy, but I'm allergic, so instead they play with stuffed animals and ask for pet fish ;)

I also printed the Pet Pals colouring book because I knew both girls would love it- we are a very artsy family over here- lots of colouring and drawing every day! :)

One of this week's activities is making a birdhouse- I think that would be a really fun one to do! Have you been doing any of the Leapfrog Summer Camp activities? Have you blogged about it? I'd love to see- leave me a comment with a link if you'd like to share!

And if you haven't been doing Summer Camp, want to join us?
Leapfrog’s Summer Camp is geared toward kids aged 4-7 years (Katrina who is 3 is happily joining in). The activities are meant to get the whole family involved.

Just click here to check it out, and get ready to join the fun!

This post is sponsored by LeapFrog. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. The little box is so much fun. My daughter loves making things out of boxes. Thanks for sharing.


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