Monday Moments (The Ladybug)

Monday Moments (The Ladybug)

One day the girls were playing outside and Talia called me to the door to take a picture of the ladybug they had been playing with because Katrina was sad about letting it go.

I took these pictures while they finished playing with it and saying goodbye:

Then Katrina put the ladybug down and soon after she broke down in tears! She was SO SAD!! Talia immediately comforted her with her hand on her back as she let the bug go, and giving her hugs as she mourned the loss of her friend! (please know that I was also comforting and hugging and talking her through this, in between these photos!)

As I tried to explain to her that the ladybug would probably be going home to her family now, to tell them about the fun time she had playing with the girls, Katrina announced through her tears, while pointing to the fence, that they had found the ladybug "over there", so it wouldn't be able to find its home.

So, we picked the bug up and let it go, closer to home. She calmly watched her ladybug as she made her way 'home' and seemed to be feeling a little better when she broke down again and said, "But I'm going to miss her!!!" That was right about the time I snapped the bottom, left photo:

That poor, sweet, tender hearted girl!! When we came inside, I was touched again when Talia presented Katrina with a creation she had come inside to work on while I helped Katrina to part with the bug:

How I love these girls, their sweetness, and the way they care for each other!


  1. Awe, this post is so sweet...what precious hearts your little ones' have.


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