Kids & Handwashing

Kids & Handwashing

With the lovely weather we've been having, we've also been having a lot of trips to the park! My kids have recently taken to building castles in the sand and burrying "treasure" (ahem.. garbage) in the sand and marking the spots to dig with Xs made from sticks. It's great fun and I love watching their imaginations work!

I do not, however, love the dirt that gets under their fingernails and the mess that gets all over their hands! Oh, and let me also mention how they love to take their SHOES OFF when I look away! Ugh ;)

Well, they know that when they come inside, the first thing they do is take their shoes off & put them on the shoe rack. Then it's straight to the bathroom to wash hands. If the feet are a mess, it's off to the tub after that!

In the past I've tried to interest them in hand washing with that foamy soap for kids (which was coloured and made a big mess whenever they got excited about it) and right now we've got the Lysol No-Touch hands free soap system. Yes, it's fun for the kids, but honestly? I have fun with it, too! The only thing I don't love about it is the amount of soap that comes out- I wish it was less- I feel like I don't need that much ;)

At first, I just used this system in the kitchen and kind of avoided using it in the bathroom because I thought it was a recipe for disaster. I was convinced that my kids would play with it like crazy. BUT since I've had it in there, I have not found a soap mess ONCE! I can't explain it, but I'm really happy about it :)
(I'm also happy that the super-dirty hands from outside don't put dirt all over my soap dispenser- one less thing to clean! ;)

Oh, and what do I do about the dirt under the nails? I TRY to get it out with my nails, IF they'll let me. If not, recently I just got out a tub of soapy water and threw a few kitchen utensils in it and the girls were happy for a long time! Handwashing in disguise! ;)

How do you motivate your kids to wash their hands?
Rewards? Bribery? Routine? Fun soap? Songs?
(we actually do have one of those, too ;)

P.S. This month Lysol® has a special promotion on the Lysol® Canada Facebook page! Lysol® is giving away 2,500 free Lysol® No-Touch Hand Soap dispensers each week for 5 weeks! Just visit the Lysol® Canada Facebook page for more details!

Disclosure: I am part of the Lysol® Healthy Families Ambassador Program by Mom Central. I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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